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I thought that the similarities were over. Nothing more wrong. I simply can't stop myself when this anime throws something like this, and in the middle of the fight nonetheless. Darn it Ayako.

Context: Mamoru and Ayako are attacked and later on, Ayako defends Mamoru from opponent's insults (that he is dragging Ayako down) by listing some of the qualities she finds nice and attractive.

I saw that a group of people liked my previous comparative post on the Megami no shukufuku. Well, I have 16 episodes left so I guess till I finish this series, I will be dropping some similarities from time to time. Cause similar situations or quotes happen every second episode or even more often…and I just have fun with it. This is just weird (in a very good way) for me to watch.

Have a great day or night guys. Love ya !
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