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Originally posted on: March 2, 2016
Comment/Question/Oc Royal Guards from artemisart-alicorn
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MlpFim/Royal Guard/Discord/Celestia/Nightmare Moon © Hasbro and Fausticorn
Art/Comic/Mad Dog © (me)
safe1728572 artist:didun850368 discord31395 princess celestia95905 oc698705 oc:chase82 oc:mad dog8 alicorn228789 draconequus12263 pony988775 shadow pony147 unicorn332996 comic:ask chase the pony43 armor24115 ask24830 comic110350 dialogue66621 female1382745 glowing eyes11346 glowing horn20098 grin39696 helmet10992 horn71045 magic74357 male380770 mare491760 marionette203 peytral3653 royal guard7942 smiling254640 stained glass1211 stallion112314 telekinesis28244 tumblr34891


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