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Originally posted on: February 20, 2016
2-3 suggested Twilights by lonewuf creepypastafangirl44
Feel free to suggest a Twilight here→
Request #1- Twilight SparkleHow many (alternate) Twilights(mlpfim etc.) can you think of: emo, sombra, nerd, antro, human, hippy(?), etc.
Just comment a Twilight and I'll make a quick sketch of it sometime when I get back in the 2D mood.
Short Summary
Misrule: Imagine Twilight gaining powers stronger than Discord, Sombra, and Tirek…also she is an Overlord.

Twilight Snapple: I'll make a friendship problem! Anthro style…
Twilo ren: Twilight Sparkle plus Kylo ren equals…well Twilo ren
Tumult Clamor: Try to be original with creating a Draconequus unlike those who do a similar body structure way to similar to Discord. I think that oc I made a while ago(Misfit) is kinda considered a Draconequus…why do I want to draw him now? Anyway here's the animals I used: Lemur, raccoon, crocodile, sea otter, unicorn, dogs, crab, ant, ladybug, spider, lizard, grasshopper, cat.

Art/Designs Etc. © (me)
Given Ideas to lonewuf creepypastafangirl44
MlpFim © Hasbro and Fausticorn
safe (1488853) artist:didun850 (368) twilight sparkle (269929) draconequus (7319) pony (767051) unicorn (228104) corrupted twilight sparkle (443) crossguard lightsaber (46) crown (11954) curved horn (5059) draconequified (283) glowing horn (14543) grin (29756) horn (31270) insanity (2319) jewelry (43112) kylo ren (96) lightsaber (781) magic (60739) red eyes (4549) regalia (13861) simple background (311045) slit eyes (3398) smiling (194419) species swap (16734) star wars (2799) star wars: the force awakens (161) star wars: the last jedi (57) telekinesis (22290) transparent background (162218) twilight snapple (1815) unicorn twilight (9317) weapon (24520)


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