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safe1598899 artist:meiyeezhu339 moondancer4489 human145149 robot7107 equestria girls185047 anime4874 beverage289 breasts248990 busty moondancer354 buttons272 chair6143 clothes419169 comic102271 cup5690 epic fail254 fail1335 female1271773 flatscreen17 food62989 glasses55802 handle13 humanized95705 jug117 malfunction34 metal829 milk3953 old master q487 ouch979 parody15282 plug131 pot505 pouring121 reference3919 robot arms6 screwdriver321 scrunchie319 sitting56500 smiling220811 solo991221 splash320 splashing263 spoon1263 steam1663 stirring55 sugar (food)155 sweater13315 table8422 tea2881 teacup2662 teapot917 television2197 wires327


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AKA CapNTilfy of FimFic!
This was funny, but I can't help but feel bad for Moondancer. Poor girl's probably got third-degree burns all over her face now! XD