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Human Fluttershy: "Wait. Isn't it supposed to be 'Merry Christmas'?"

Pony Fluttershy: "What's a 'marycrismas'?"

I have always imagined human Fluttershy as of Middle Eastern descent for some reason… So… yeah. Anyway, I make commissions now! Contact me for more information.
safe1689584 alternate version43936 artist:edhelistar114 fluttershy210892 human152876 pegasus285279 pony951261 best gift ever2389 equestria girls197983 equestria girls series32508 holidays unwrapped1991 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)13937 absurd resolution65832 boots21419 clothes453367 coat2810 confetti1899 duo59639 earmuffs1189 female1347525 floating heart2364 fluttershy's winter hat15 fluttersquee10 gift box256 gloves19671 gradient background12389 heart47659 hearth's warming859 human coloration5088 human ponidox3481 kanji186 leggings2020 looking at each other19744 mare472747 mixed media346 moderate dark skin739 self paradox1294 self ponidox7971 shoes35634 signature23822 snow13722 squee1956 sweater14330 sweatershy3160 tengwar43 text58679 winter outfit1502


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