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safe1635987 artist:icey-wicey-1517741 artist:sychia63 color edit7394 edit125308 coloratura2806 sapphire shores983 songbird serenade1166 earth pony222662 pegasus264532 pony901110 my little pony: the movie18453 alternate hairstyle26231 bells369 belt5030 blushing185894 caroling75 christmas13684 clothes434137 coat2700 collaboration5065 colored18504 costume26335 elf costume56 elf hat89 eyes closed85896 female1302096 gloves18668 hat81498 holiday18940 holly1672 hoof hold7815 mare448134 missing cutie mark4298 music notes3077 open mouth132851 raised hoof41919 santa costume1497 santa hat5963 scarf22209 sheet music140 simple background369527 singing6056 sitting58829 socks61605 striped socks20514 transparent background192013 trio7936


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