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Felt like drawing another friendly scene between Sol Bright and Yona. Wasn't sure if I wanted to continue putting these two together (obviously nothing romantic at this point). Thinking about it I can support Yonabar AND Solna.

Also tried experimenting how I drew the characters. It was harder to make any real changes to Yona.
safe1639888 artist:azurllinate95 yona4835 oc643382 oc:sol bright19 unicorn295672 yak4334 age difference2372 blue eyes4504 braid5077 canon x oc23451 clothes435878 cloud28961 cloven hooves9394 cute189729 female1305619 fence2707 hazel eyes32 hooves17182 horn55903 interspecies21697 legs over head71 legs raised91 long hair3852 looking at each other18343 male351288 shipping191623 sitting59080 sleigh257 snow13340 solna10 straight130024 straps676 tree30393 trotting1329 two toned mane1127 two toned tail298 unicorn oc6333 yonadorable740


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