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Good Morning!
The mane 7 when they start to marry and have foals.

Muffin stays in Ponyville, opening up her own bakery. She's married to Pit and has some kiddos that aren't designed.

Fire Wisp
Fire Wisp moves to Canterlot with her wife, Star Swish. She becomes the Princess of Magic, though she only looks the part when necessary. She and Star have two kids, Silver Sunthorn and Multi Moon.

Skye Painter
Skye runs her own Rainbow Racer team, a group of pegasi with colorful manes that fly so fast their colors light up the sky. She lives in Cloudsdale and isn't married or a mother. She probably never will be, as she's more focused on her career and team.

Star Swish
Star lives in Canterlot with her wife, Fire Wisp, and their two children. She continues to practice spells.

Jewell travels around Equestria. She visits groups of sickly or orphaned foals, gifting them with hoof made clothes and teaching them about ponies and their differences. She isn't planning on having a family until she finally settles down and has a permanent and respected organization.

Lilly Blossum
Lilly lives in a secluded forest with her husband, Sun Flare, and their two children. The family takes care of the secret garden they live in. Lilly cares for the plants and Sun Flare uses his wings to redirect sunbeams so they prosper.

Golden Caramel
Golden floats between the farm and the Kirin village. She finally learned how to let her mane down and not be so focused on work. She is extremely loyal, and stays true to both of her homes. Her constant back and forth has created an apple sapling trail along her path. She's also a fantastic tradespony.

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safe1639186 artist:wispyaxolotl47 artist:xxmelody-scribblexx125 oc642928 oc:fire wisp8 oc:golden caramel5 oc:jewell1 oc:lilly blossom4 oc:muffin21 oc:skye painter5 oc:star swish2 dracony6174 earth pony224049 hybrid16865 pegasus266001 pony904942 unicorn295403 base used17611 bracelet8569 earth pony oc5764 flower23912 flower in hair7127 horn55790 horn ring5287 interspecies offspring6635 jewelry57172 necklace16906 next generation5855 offspring36250 parent:applejack3573 parent:big macintosh2881 parent:caramel743 parent:cheese sandwich1686 parent:comet tail173 parent:flash sentry2801 parent:fluttershy4420 parent:pinkie pie3804 parent:rainbow dash5230 parent:rarity3836 parent:soarin'2290 parent:spike2085 parent:sunset shimmer1373 parent:twilight sparkle7839 parents:carajack699 parents:cheesepie1446 parents:cometlight137 parents:flashimmer215 parents:fluttermac1240 parents:soarindash1710 parents:sparity1316 pegasus oc8008 ponyville5488 unicorn oc6321


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