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safe (1487510) artist:oatscene (11) artist:phucknuckl (402) artist:sonofaskywalker (194) firelight (309) luster dawn (584) starlight glimmer (40373) stellar flare (844) sunburst (5164) and that's how luster dawn was made (9) female (811961) male (276542) parent:firelight (2) parent:stellar flare (6) shipping (172076) speech bubble (18272) stellarlight (17) straight (113892) surprised (7269) text (44046) that pony sure does want grandfoals (40) theory (390) vector (68897)


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Starlight is now Luster's immediate older sister.
Sunburst is now Luster's immediate older brother.

If Sunburst and Starlight was to ever bang, it'd be super weird for Luster, because they'd be committing incest in her eyes.