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safe1637131 artist:evomanaphy856 oc641508 oc only426090 oc:roulette90 oc:sunny hymn20 earth pony223125 pegasus264963 semi-anthro12707 fallout equestria16141 blushing186127 clothes434677 cute189305 embarrassed10764 female1303077 food65816 human shoulders914 ice cream4771 jacket11638 lesbian92950 licking19081 mare448599 mlem844 monochrome145964 ponytail16711 shirt22945 silly7210 simple background369979 smiling229691 tongue out97078 white background91761 wings92516


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300 кг тротила
Why is most fallout:equestria book protagonists are lesbians? I'm not complaining, I want to understand, why? I like lesbians, I didn't mean to insult anyone. Don't ban me.