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safe1640459 alternate version40215 artist:buttersprinkle313 marble pie6280 earth pony224477 pony905994 :t3672 angry25626 blushing186649 chest fluff35491 cute189810 female1306076 floppy ears48949 grumpy2440 hnnng2353 madorable618 marblebetes554 mare450278 pouting1911 scrunchy face6931 simple background371202 sitting59110 weapons-grade cute3504 white background92046


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Hey, Marble! Are you angry, too!?
"(grumpy 'mm-hmm')!"
What's the matter!?
Is it that you couldn't see your forehead and now, the fact that you couldn't convey that as a simple 'mm-hmm' has only made it worse!?
"(grumpy 'mm-hmm')!"
…do…do you wanna know what my problem is?
i think doing this bit with her was a mistake.
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Background Pony #6EB2
Don't be upset Marble. You'll get your chances in the spotlight in the upcoming Issue #86 of the Friendship is Magic comic books in January 2020 and in Season 10 in April 2020.
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