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I just needed to draw her as a snake pony.
safe1639496 artist:69beas291 oc643109 oc only426871 oc:jessie feuer148 lamia1963 original species23161 unicorn295532 :34256 collar30993 cute189686 cute little fangs1904 fangs23442 female1305281 floppy ears48904 forked tongue1012 hooves17179 horn55830 jewelry57203 lamiafied298 mare449860 necklace16920 ocbetes4675 simple background370855 slit eyes4282 slit pupils651 smiling230300 solo1020130 species swap18329 tongue out97322


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Background Pony #DA8A
His tail coiled up looks like the gift Hestu gives Link after you find all 900 Koroks in Breath of the Wild.
Which, in case you don't know, is a golden turd.
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