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I just needed to draw her as a snake pony.
safe1556667 artist:69beas264 oc594449 oc only404506 oc:jessie feuer128 lamia1759 original species22733 unicorn258146 :33852 collar28206 cute173458 cute little fangs1669 fangs21596 female880900 floppy ears45966 forked tongue880 hooves16169 horn40633 jewelry49195 lamiafied238 mare404928 necklace14783 ocbetes4141 simple background338268 slit eyes3967 slit pupils521 smiling210167 solo960153 species swap18006 tongue out88664


not provided yet


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Background Pony #DA8A
His tail coiled up looks like the gift Hestu gives Link after you find all 900 Koroks in Breath of the Wild.
Which, in case you don't know, is a golden turd.