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On this Nightmare Night, we will get to see Queen Galaxia unveil her alter ego for the celebrations and holiday of horror. For Nightmare Pulsar will bring terror and fright to all the little fillies and colts. All the while Tommy and the rest of the royal family enjoy the festivities and fun the holiday brings. Including lots of candy and excitement!!

Done by the lovely CandyClumsy

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safe (1489005) artist:candyclumsy (451) oc (558196) oc:heartstrong flare (31) oc:king speedy hooves (207) oc:princess healing glory (27) oc:princess mythic majestic (43) oc:princess sincere scholar (49) oc:queen galaxia (206) alicorn (176256) pony (767170) comic:nightmare pulsar (35) alicorn oc (19536) canterlot (4244) canterlot castle (1477) clothes (377109) comic (94512) commissioner:bigonionbean (836) costume (23344) dialogue (54075) dining room (36) dining table (14) drink (3993) female (813437) food (55051) fusion (3871) fusion: princess healing glory (27) fusion:heartstrong flare (31) fusion:king speedy hooves (208) fusion:princess mythic majestic (43) fusion:princess sincere scholar (49) fusion:queen galaxia (168) glasses (49920) hairbun (27) halloween (6702) halo (1304) holiday (14510) husband and wife (982) jewelry (43126) later (7) magic (60749) magician outfit (444) male (277032) nerd pony (134) nightmare night (4288) overalls (1260) pumpkin (3379) random pony (272) regalia (13863) shadowbolts costume (1036) stallion (80900) trick or treat (343) writer:bigonionbean (600)


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Emu War veteran..
This isn't the comic Davaba19 is commissioning. In fact it is completely separate from that.

Unless your talking about the random ponies your seeing in the middle panel in which no nothing of that is going to happen.