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stands for the liberation of the pony mind from the dominion of religion; the liberation of the pony body from the dominion of property; liberation of shackles and restraint of government. It stands for social order – based on the free grouping of individuals.”

The two cousins Flurry Heart and Starburst got along really well.
Some might say a little too well…

Two rebels striking out against the expectations put on them.

Ps: Is it funnier that I don't show what they have actually done to the heart or not?
(that way you get to picture what acts of vandalism they have comited in your own head.)
safe1636759 artist:grimmyweirdy198 princess flurry heart6809 oc641253 oc:starburst351 anarchism34 anarchy137 baseball bat1033 bubblegum1159 clothes434500 crystal empire2183 food65794 gum995 hoodie13061 horn55384 horn jewelry573 horn ring5276 jewelry56959 offspring36160 older24848 parent:flash sentry2794 parent:twilight sparkle7825 parents:flashlight2397 piercing37956 plaster59 princess emo heart98 skirt37638 spray paint137 story in the comments715 trash can799 vandalism144 wing piercing248


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No…just no.

I get if you were into the leather of being a rebel and not going by ur parents sanitized lifestyle choices, but this is just an insult to anything rebellious altogether.

She looks like a goon that gets blown away via a Charles bronson style shot with a 44 auto magnum

Shoot she'd look like she would have a better chance getting together with a magnet and never breaking up than she does looking like any form of rebellious.

And the dwarf beside her looks like even she got rejected by the baseball league for short pones.

That and you know you've hit peak cringe when you think that to graffiti an Anarchy symbol is anything but cool
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Twilight blinked. Starburst counted even that degree of breaking her calm demeanor as a victory. "Anarchism," she said.

Starburst sneered. That was Mom's "The petitioner's so stupid, they can't even appreciate their own stupidity" voice. "Yeah. You wanna make something of it?"

"You and Flurry are the children of two of the most politically powerful creatures in the world, and you're embracing anarchism."

Starburst brought her head up high. "We're breaking free of the—"

Twilgiht held up a hoof. "I heard the whole 'liberation' speech, yes. And honestly, your teenage rebellion is right on schedule. But I never thought it would be something so…" She grimaced. Another point for Starburst. "I don't want to say 'ridiculous.' Cadence and I can always use a loyal opposition to make sure we don't slip into complacency. Logically inconsistent, I guess?"

Starburst rolled her eyes and sneered. "Of course you wouldn't understand."

"Not really, no. Though I reserve the right to tell any future coltfriends about this."

(And yeah, not showing the specifics of the Heart is better. Leave it to the viewer's imagination.)
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