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Page 1309 — Kirin's Empire, Part 1

Author: SanneNC

Guest Author's Note: "So this is an idea I've had for a while and finally decided to sit down and make a reality — the campaign I'm currently running, re-imagined as a campaign Twilight runs for the rest of the group. Considering how my original campaign came about as a result of researching the Mongol Empire and Yuan dynasty China for an unrelated writing project, I can totally see Twilight getting a similar idea after a long wiki-binge or something, and let's just say that she's in for a wild ride…"

Twilight: Thanks for letting me run a campaign for you guys, I'm really glad you were willing to give me another shot at GMing.
Twilight: Especially considering what happened before…
AJ: Nah, don't sweat it Twi.
Rarity: Yes, no one's first run goes as well as they hoped.
RD: Let's just hope the second run is better…
Fluttershy: I hope so too…
PP: I thought it was fun!
Spike: You sure you're going to be alright?
Twilight: Yeah, I know that the last time I ran a campaign was… rough.
Twilight: But!
Twilight: I've done my research this time!
Twilight: So, to start us off…
Twilight: Long ago, far to the east, in the shadow of a great and mighty dragon than an ancient dragon called home, there lived a powerful race of warriors known as the kirin.
Twilight: Descended from that mighty dragon, the kirin eventually spready outwards into a powerful empire. But all empires, no matter how powerful, eventually have their supremacy challenged and end up in peril — which is exactly the situation that the Kirin's Empire is currently in.
Twilight: To that end, the Kirin Emperor has put out a call for heroes, and you have all arrived to answer that call…
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