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Skaterloo: H-Hey Apple Bloom would you like to dance?

Apple Bloom: S-Sure, Skaterloo.

In Skaterloo’s head: I did it!

In Apple Bloom’s head: He asked me

Requested by: chazkopa on DevaintArt

Sequel to: I’ll dance with you

slight edit: darkened the thought bubbles
safe1636028 artist:turnaboutart150 apple bloom47952 scootaloo50090 earth pony222679 pegasus264539 pony901142 fanfic:twilight and skaterloo: mother and son6 a canterlot wedding2629 blushing185899 blushing profusely1847 bow26436 clothes434152 colt14032 dress42090 female1302138 filly62696 flower23825 flower filly74 flower girl92 flower girl dress72 flower in hair7092 hair bow14432 half r63 shipping1866 hat81504 heart45336 male350028 requested art1280 rule 6325799 scootabloom264 scooterbloom1 scooteroll219 shipping191127 simple background369544 straight129687 suit5449 thought bubble3183 top hat3991 transparent background192022


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