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Trixie has learned the hard way that bondage is the best way to get Rainbow Dash to behave during a lapdance session.

Patreon reward!

Dash's cutie mark by blackgryph0n.
suggestive134866 artist:toonbat289 rainbow dash226222 trixie64860 pegasus264537 unicorn293654 anthro244835 unguligrade anthro45253 arm behind back5555 armpits42071 bikini17021 blushing185899 bondage31935 breasts259863 chair6379 clothes434152 female1302133 females only11971 lap dance101 lesbian92851 mare448155 patreon12115 patreon reward1384 shipping191124 stripsie98 swimsuit26638 trixdash98


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