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Trying to solve the mystery behind their creation and the mysterious fusion potion stocks locked in Canterlot. Queen Galaxia and King Speedy Hooves dispatch the one and only Daring Do, accompanied by a majority of the "Pillars of Equestria" and Autumn Blaze to a mysterious location known as the "Alicorn Ruins"

Searching through the Everfree, what will our explorers discover. What will happen to them.

Drawn by the amazing light-of-Inirida

safe (1526113) artist:light-of-inirida (21) autumn blaze (3039) daring do (5918) flash magnus (683) meadowbrook (701) rockhoof (943) somnambula (1587) star swirl the bearded (1834) stygian (640) earth pony (180826) pegasus (222765) pony (801057) unicorn (244661) comic:the search for answers (1) abandoned (217) city (3503) cityscape (476) comic (97529) commissioner:bigonionbean (1071) draft horse (79) everfree forest (1892) hat (72425) jungle (447) machete (185) pillars of equestria (229) razor (99) shaved (369) starswirl the unbearded (8) writer:bigonionbean (830)


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Emu War veteran..
Not just Starswirl, but Rockhoof as well. As they traveled through the jungle, it is nearly impossible to keep a beard clean

(this I learned from my friends when we stayed for a month in Columbia.)

All the dirt, dried leaves, cobwebs, and other stuff you don't see when walking around in the middle of a jungle with a bush on their face. That and it can get irritated underneath on the skin. So much to his dismay, Stygian with the help of Flash Magnus convinced the wizard with a little restraint to shave his beard. Suffice to say he is salty.