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A shaded sketch commission from Plaxton's Galaxy (A.K.A Fatfurparadise) featuring Ashy, Barbed Retort, and Chord Strum enjoying movie night. Although actually being able to see the movies seems to be secondary for Ashy's enjoyment.
suggestive134982 artist:fatfurparadise137 oc641262 oc:ashy12 oc:barbed retort6 oc:chord strum6 changeling43950 diamond dog3303 unicorn293987 belly26639 breasts260085 changeling oc6950 chubby13216 chubby cheeks3455 chunkling235 clothes434508 couch7598 diamond dog oc251 fast food272 fat21011 fat boobs658 food65795 heart eyes15149 impossibly large belly9823 moobs372 morbidly obese7373 obese10904 pizza1825 pizza box304 soda1488 soda bottle29 text54918 thighs10672 thunder thighs7545 unicorn oc6201 wardrobe malfunction4868 wingding eyes20621


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