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Meet Har-Harley Queen :3

Har-Harley is a giant prankster and troublemaker, who is a pain for a lot of police officers in Canterlot. Always one of mischief and mayhem, there is never a dull moment in her life X)

She also have a love-hate relationship/friendship with Barbat Gordon/Batmare. While she is a giant pain towards her with her antics, she does genuinely care about her, and she also just wants her to be her friend.

She is also the girlfriend of my other oc, Poison Ivy :3
She’s the only pony Ivy tolerates. And even then, that’s pushing it XD
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I think a lot about how ponies wear roller skates… on only the back, rendering them useless, or on all four, even though they use the front hooves as hands of sorts?