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safe1639187 artist:angelina-pax37 artist:dianamur115 artist:pixelkitties1186 applejack164549 fluttershy205644 pinkie pie209912 rainbow dash226559 rarity175921 trixie65024 twilight sparkle291719 oc642928 oc:dark-sun guard7 alicorn211060 demon2719 demon pony1207 original species23157 pony904950 alicorn oc24490 black sclera1861 blank flank7337 boots20510 bow26550 box4448 cellphone3143 christmas13731 christmas lights1712 christmas tree4073 clothes435545 colored sclera659 ear piercing23998 earmuffs1156 earring19560 eye scar4829 eyebrow piercing795 fainting couch893 female1305001 flarity1547 hat81770 holiday19003 jewelry57172 lesbian93050 mane six30847 mare449688 mistletoe1717 multicolored hair4923 mystery box of plot importance274 nose piercing2525 offspring36250 parent:flash sentry2801 parent:sunset shimmer1373 parents:flashimmer215 phone5618 piercing38088 pinkie spy229 plushie22925 present5802 santa hat5974 scar11274 scarf22295 shipping191537 shoes33552 show accurate12828 smartphone1725 socks62039 striped socks20555 sweater13890 tattoo5077 tree30370 twilight sparkle (alicorn)119916 ych result19258


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