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safe1637123 artist:angelina-pax37 artist:dianamur114 artist:pixelkitties1186 applejack164372 fluttershy205414 pinkie pie209697 rainbow dash226319 rarity175742 trixie64918 twilight sparkle291439 oc641503 oc:anarchy gear7 alicorn210571 cyborg3600 pony902466 alcohol6760 amputee4462 boots20458 cellphone3134 christmas13702 christmas lights1710 christmas tree4063 clothes434677 cute189304 earmuffs1155 eyeshadow14408 fainting couch889 female1303072 flarity1545 glass4362 hat81599 holiday18961 hoof hold7823 lesbian92950 makeup19720 mane six30806 mare448595 miniskirt4875 mistletoe1713 mystery box of plot importance274 open mouth133054 phone5601 pigtails4505 pinkie spy229 pleated skirt4010 plushie22895 prosthetic leg793 prosthetic limb2787 prosthetics3222 raised hoof41970 santa hat5967 scarf22254 shipping191267 shoes33430 show accurate12805 skirt37653 smartphone1720 socks61805 striped socks20533 sweater13863 tree30310 twilight sparkle (alicorn)119818 vest3699 wine2429 wine glass1359 ych result19181


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