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safe1640114 artist:徐詩珮9040 fizzlepop berrytwist9097 glitter drops6149 moondancer4662 spring rain5599 starlight glimmer46567 sunset shimmer60102 tempest shadow16355 trixie65082 twilight sparkle291829 alicorn211226 pony905739 unicorn295778 series:sprglitemplight diary3478 series:springshadowdrops diary3621 alternate universe9986 base used17646 bisexual5234 broken horn13455 clothes435972 counterparts863 cute189752 eyes closed86310 female1305827 glimmerdancer16 glitterbetes2090 glitterdancer18 glitterglimmer12 glitterlight2203 glittershadow5301 glittershimmer28 glittertrix11 happy29511 horn55944 lesbian93107 moonset26 polyamory6508 scarf22314 shimmerglimmer431 shipping191676 simple background371087 singing6070 sprglitemplight2112 sprglitemplightixstarsetdancer11 springbetes2014 springdancer18 springdrops4137 springlight2260 springlimmer13 springshadow4886 springshadowdrops4018 springshimmer25 springtrix12 startrix2752 sunsetsparkle4204 suntrix575 tempestbetes2606 tempestdancer21 tempestglimmer22 tempestlight3519 tempestrix33 tempestshimmer47 transparent background192640 trickdancer17 twiabetes11111 twidancer297 twilight sparkle (alicorn)119951 twilight's counterparts886 twistarlight526 twixie5011


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Background Pony #DB4A
Request: FizzleVerse as Ojamajo Doremi
Tempest Shadow as Doremi Harukaze
Autumn Blaze as Hazuki Fujiwara
Spring Rain as Aiko Senoo
Twilight Sparkle as Pop Harukaze
Kerfuffle as Onpu Segawa
Torque Wrench as Momoko Asuka
Glitter Drops as Hana Makihatayama
Original, Sharp, Motto, and Dokkaan!
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