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Edited the borders so it'd be suitable for a phone background (depending on your device). I couldn't see the white text on the white BG.
safe1616387 artist:andypriceart3014 derpibooru exclusive25791 edit123118 idw14662 applejack162667 fluttershy203075 pinkie pie207547 princess celestia91201 princess luna95541 rainbow dash224129 rarity173841 twilight sparkle288399 alicorn206216 earth pony216197 pegasus257530 unicorn285518 spoiler:comic10301 spoiler:comicholiday201917 candle4374 christmas12022 christmas tree3505 cover2799 eyeroll541 eyes closed84135 eyeshadow14058 hark3 holiday17058 hoof hold7643 makeup19152 mane six30387 open mouth129962 ornament353 scroll3212 tree29204 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118421


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