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Wukrii - A Fantasy Adventure Comic

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Be in at least the Patreon [RAWR Guard] slot for the other 2 variable clothed versions, and [RAWR Wizard] slot for the 2 "unwrapped present" versions!
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suggestive (118797) artist:lumineko (2673) sunset shimmer (53209) equestria girls (167644) belly button (62176) blushing (162249) breasts (216969) christmas (11592) christmas tree (3358) clothes (376249) dialogue (53991) female (811111) gift wrapped (560) hat (69548) holiday (14439) imminent sex (4542) inviting (420) lidded eyes (21085) looking at you (128879) panties (43321) partial nudity (14231) santa hat (5284) solo (914557) solo female (159943) speech bubble (18245) striped underwear (2651) tree (24808) underwear (51803)


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