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safe1615097 artist:dimfann987 applejack162539 zecora8946 earth pony215752 pony882797 zebra16262 series:pony re-watch38 bridle gossip687 appletini421 cowboy hat14049 duo52790 ear piercing23140 earring18945 female1285706 hat79486 high res23329 jewelry55249 lasso1216 mare439248 micro8543 neck rings738 piercing36946 quadrupedal1534 rope10648 scene interpretation8107


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14 comments posted
Background Pony #6438
Keep this image pure from 2020's mayhem, this is an image back from 2010.

Nostalgic image, rewind the time back 10 years ago where we can see Applejack being Micro, when first meeting Zecora.
Zebra… yes.
Background Pony #40D9
Zecora: Maybe next time you will take a second look, and not judge the cover of the book.
Background Pony #F1A3
I think this is what the fandom needs now more than ever: art about the show, about some good scenes of each episode, and not just porn and shipping. i like this.