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Added the cutie marks because the original image was missing all of them except Twilight’s
Original image:
safe1636002 edit125310 editor:theglitchedwolf5 applejack164269 fluttershy205284 gummy4961 pinkie pie209570 rainbow dash226221 rarity175639 spike76532 twilight sparkle291268 alicorn210273 alligator992 dragon51925 earth pony222665 pegasus264532 pony901121 unicorn293646 my little pony: pony life4534 apple15449 applejack's hat6186 big eyes959 blue eyes4474 bright200 cloud28876 colored18504 colored hooves5209 colored pupils9022 colored wings5372 colorful304 cowboy hat14315 cute189113 cutie mark43910 food65732 green eyes3823 grin35439 hair1566 hat81499 mane seven6240 mane six30787 my little pony2019 my little pony logo3540 one eye closed27858 pet1848 purple eyes1996 rainbow4240 shine153 smiling229404 stars14587 tail23282 text54853 twilight sparkle (alicorn)119739 wall of tags2801 wings92247 wink23134


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The white borders are a quite off putting, and the overall image is a bit blurry. If you use Photoshop, you could just open the original image, resize the canvas size to a 16:9 aspect ratio like 1080p or 2160p, convert the image into a smart object, and downscale the image until it fits nicely into the canvas. As for the cutie marks, you could find a high quality vector file of them, place them on the document as a smart object and resize them without any quality loss. As for a final touch, not necessary but you can do it if you want, you could sharpen the whole image to get a tad better result.
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The original (which I assume is >>2194945) is much higher quality when looking at the full image. Like, everything except the added cutie marks are a bit blurry on this one, and it's a different resolution/aspect ratio (with added white borders as well) so it feels a bit off.

However, if you still have some transparent layer somewhere with just the cutie marks (or multiple layers, one for each), it shouldn't be too hard to turn this into a really high-quality edit with the same dimensions as the original.

Because except for the blurry background, this is some excellent editing work.
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