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The last Desert related ponies I received from creepypastafangirl44 in which Corruption somehow pulled the four ponies from their desert world into his world and thus turned them into Shades.
Corruption: You know chewing ponies made out of desert munching isn't that bad…

Original Oc(s) © creepypastafangirl44
Corruption/Enenra/Art © (me)
MlpFim © Hasbro and Fausicorn
safe1640460 artist:didun850368 oc643743 oc only427174 oc:gelato5 oc:rusk1 earth pony224477 pony905994 black sclera1865 chest fluff35491 claws4795 dark background865 duo54786 earth pony oc5786 glowing horn18260 horn55981 possessed1687 reference sheet11533 slit eyes4283 sombra eyes3358 tentacle tail29 tentacle tongue622 tentacles11275


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