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Ro994 :
Day 3 — Warm

I never quite forgave Hasbro for not making Flash Sentry, A.K.A. the guy whose Equestrian counterpart is a royal GUARD, a lifeGUARD in the beach shorts/special. Like, I get it, Hasbro. You hate him. WELL GUESS WHAT! I'm just gonna ignore canon and make him a lifeguard anyways. How's that? And I bet HE wouldn't use his girlfriend as a human shield. Just saying, his cutie mark is an ACTUAL shield, soooooo…

ANYWAAAAAAAYS in this scenario, Twilight had an accident near the water and got several scrapes. Thankfully Flash saved the day, as always, and attended her before carrying her to safety. She happy now.

Let's just ignore the fact that I have absolutely no idea on how to do wet hair. Please.

On a side note, I've noticed that all the other entries we've gotten for today so far are winter-themed, and then there's me, with a whole freaking beach scene x'D I find that hilarious.
safe1640445 artist:ro99473 flash sentry12367 sci-twi23005 twilight sparkle291872 equestria girls191359 equestria girls series31009 bandaid1707 beach14020 blue swimsuit337 bridal carry336 carrying2105 clothes436082 female1306057 flashlight2640 lifeguard2227 male351460 ocean5841 one-piece swimsuit4184 partial nudity19047 sciflash239 shipping191714 straight130085 striped swimsuit223 swimsuit26769 topless11937 tricolor swimsuit115 watermark15038 wet7615 wristband3379


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