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Ro994 :
Day 2 — Close

Baby, I'm dancing in the dark
With you between my armsBarefoot on the grass
Listening to our favorite song
When you said you looked a mess
I whispered underneath my breath
But you heard it
Darling, you look perfect tonight

I can't help but think of SciFlash when I listen to "Perfect" by Ed Sheeran, so I made a picture inspired by that song. Not gonna lie, it's probably my favorite entry this year, and I'm extremely proud of it I mean, slowdance, moonlight, SciFlash… I'M FANGIRLING AT MY OWN PICTURE OK NO SHAME.

Also, if you remember that dress, this is a direct sequel of "Date for the Night", from 2017. I can't believe how much I've improved pats own back.

Sorry, I'll stop now x'D
safe1640127 artist:ro99473 flash sentry12359 sci-twi22997 twilight sparkle291832 equestria girls191260 equestria girls series30993 4 toes35 barefoot26270 barefooting42 clothes435980 dress42251 feet37572 female1305835 flashlight2637 glasses58316 grass8906 holding hands2533 male351373 male feet833 moon22536 necktie6734 night24784 pants13404 sciflash239 shipping191681 shirt23006 straight130051 watermark15034


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@Background Pony #25BB
Yeah but flash has the advantage of having more speaking rolls in movies, being in the background, having a pony world counterparts who has made appearances in the show proper, and has a had a whole music to himself.

Timber has one movie, three shorts, and no pony counterpart whatsoever.
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Background Pony #BF3C
@Background Pony #25BB
Yes, they very much do. Pony twilight likes pony flash and sci twi did show interest in him in twilight sparkles science fair sparks. She maybe with timber right now but I hope the series continues and we see them break up and see sci twi end up with flash someday
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Background Pony #7415
Gotta love people being barefoot on grass, and also if they pay attention to that. (Also, anyone noticed they have four fingers and toes each?)
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When I looked at the thumbnail, I thought "is this a reference to that Ed Sheeran song" and then I looked at the description and I was like "yep, I was right".

Regardless, they look pretty cute dancing barefooted in the night.
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