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Artist's description:

"Hi Everyone,

I hope your all well :D. After my last piece, I was in the mood to draw some more Christmas/MLP artwork. I wanted to also have the excuse of trying to draw queen chrysalis again, It's been so long since I've last drawn her. Anyway, I had a lot of fun with colouring her Christmas jumper, working her expression and drawing her crown with mini Christmas Pud's XD. I was able to do this one quite quickly which was a relief as I've had a bit of a long week to deal with. In any case, I'm so thrilled i worked on this one, it was so relaxing and i enjoyed drawing every minute of it.

I hope you like it _"
safe (1483878) artist:heartshielder1991 (45) queen chrysalis (30429) changeling (35378) changeling queen (9325) candy (5674) candy cane (2068) christmas (11550) christmas changeling (106) christmas wreath (300) clothes (375224) crown (11878) ear piercing (18161) earring (15317) female (808721) floppy ears (43096) food (54725) gritted teeth (9508) grumpy (2161) holiday (14371) horn sock (19) jewelry (42780) piercing (30260) queen chrysalis is not amused (38) red background (613) regalia (13758) simple background (309223) solo (912843) unamused (12009) wreath (757)


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