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Artist's description:

"Hi Everyone,

I hope your all well :D. After my last piece, I was in the mood to draw some more Christmas/MLP artwork. I wanted to also have the excuse of trying to draw queen chrysalis again, It's been so long since I've last drawn her. Anyway, I had a lot of fun with colouring her Christmas jumper, working her expression and drawing her crown with mini Christmas Pud's XD. I was able to do this one quite quickly which was a relief as I've had a bit of a long week to deal with. In any case, I'm so thrilled i worked on this one, it was so relaxing and i enjoyed drawing every minute of it.

I hope you like it _"
safe1751065 artist:heartshielder199151 queen chrysalis35479 changeling49842 changeling queen17753 candy7099 candy cane2461 christmas14156 christmas changeling194 christmas wreath377 clothes476227 crown17966 ear piercing27810 earring22177 female1402342 floppy ears54532 food72999 gritted teeth13239 grumpy2600 holiday20433 horn77712 horn sock23 jewelry68368 piercing43128 queen chrysalis is not amused84 red background966 regalia21157 simple background409319 solo1094712 unamused16761 wreath916


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