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This transformation piece was ordered by . It would seem the princess of the sun has shed her regal and prestigious persona and succumbed to her baser instincts as a mangy, greedy bird. Description provided by the commissioner below:

_Day 1:
Celestia: The Idol of Boreas, the griffons will be eager to have this back._

_Day 2:
Celestia: I found the idol. Maybe I should keep it for myself…_

_Day 3:
Luna: Sister, are you ever going to contact the griffons about the idol?
Celestia: That's none of your bucking business._

_Day 4:
Raven: Princess Celestia—
Celestia: My name is Graciella! muttering Dumb ponies.
Raven: What about raising the sun?
Celestia: Pffft, it's not like it's my job._

_Day 5:
Graciella: I didn't say cake, I said steak! And make sure it's rare!_

_Day 6:
Spike: Luna is your sister!
Graciella: Don't be an idiot, why would my sister be a 'pony'?_

_Day 7:
Graciella: Buck those moronic ponies, I'm going back to Griffonstone._
safe (1488016) artist:magerblutooth (404) princess celestia (86123) alicorn (176073) griffon (22575) pony (766474) series:mlp transformed (7) cake (8256) faded cutie mark (18) female (812650) food (55012) griffonized (1339) idol of boreas (57) jewelry (43046) mare (367423) mental shift (74) personality swap (192) show accurate (8178) species swap (16720) story included (6856) transformation (8711) transformation sequence (675)


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Winter Quill
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Well, I hadn't thought about a batpony, but I'm not really sure if fits with the theme as every character has a major species and personality change. Staying a pony, even a different tribe, doesn't really work with that (not that the original idea is even mine). I have some ideas for her, was kind of thinking about a male lion, but not settled on anything yet.


I still do them yes, hoping to open soon. Drop me a PM with what you might have in mind.

@Winter Quill
Haha. There's a lot involved. Considering Luna, you could make her a Stoic-Guard batpony for … somepony. I forget, do you still do writing comms? <O< I enjoy "bad end"ish stories.

And that's the story of how Nightmare Moon finally won the war of the heavens on a technicality despite having long since been defeated.