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"MLP YTP- Beavis and Buttsex Join the Illuminaughty"

An old YTP I made during the tail end of my "tenure" in the Looney bin. The last few months I was in there they let me use my laptop and go to the library once or twice a week to use internet, resulting in poop such as this.
suggestive (118634) artist:animated james (1) artist:oliver hancock (17) artist:protopony350 (2) artist:viva reverie (139) edit (106279) edited screencap (48982) editor:oliver hancock (24) screencap (184463) braeburn (5838) princess cadance (28984) princess celestia (86025) spike (70793) twilight sparkle (269475) oc (555993) oc:viva reverie (81) alicorn (175593) all seeing eye (29) animated (87396) buttsex (11) drugs (2090) fasten your seatbelts (2) funny (3358) implied sex (4755) marijuana (1008) miles "tails" prower (640) nazi (3526) nigga (80) pendulum (76) seizure warning (2942) sentence mixing (9) shitposting (1140) sieg heil (57) snoop dogg (159) sonic the hedgehog (series) (6746) sound (5538) swastika (2043) text (43950) twilight sparkle (alicorn) (107291) vroom vroom (10) vulgar (18555) webm (8244) weird al yankovic (220) youtube poop (348)


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O. Hancock
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

Lost and tired
Hey people I've been noticing a lot of downvotes on my content lately. If you really think I do a bad job go ahead and downvote my content, by all means, but if you just don't like YouTube Poop, I'd appreciate if you filtered out the tag instead. Same thing with the seizure warning tag, or any tag really. That's what they're there for.