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After Starlight disappeared, leaving Trixie blind in one eye and half of her face disfigured, Maud was the one to find her cowering by her wagon, passed out from pain. Maud rushed Trixie to the hospital and watched over her while she healed. Trixie has some long lasting trauma from the incident. Magic now terrifies her and she is scared of flashes of light and fireworks. She has since retired her love of stage magic due to this fact and has found a love for gems and geodes and studies them with Maud. Her and Maud started dating about a year after the incident and they live with each other in Maud's cave house thing.
safe1636771 artist:unicorngutz32 maud pie12139 trixie64908 earth pony222900 pony901773 unicorn293986 blind eye237 bust45410 eye scar4820 eyeshadow14401 female1302750 lesbian92921 looking at each other18258 makeup19710 mare448447 mauxie436 scar11242 shipping191212 simple background369790 transparent background192114


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