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base by ???
next gen belongs to superrosey16
names and ships from left to right
sweet apple daughter of fluttershy and big mac
cupcake daughter of rainbow dash and cheese sandwich
emerald son of rarity and spike
johnny appleseed son of apple jack and caramel
Prince loki son of Princess twilight sparkle and discord
Party popper daughter of pinkie pie and pokey pierce
safe1601234 artist:guineapigrock035 oc617205 oc only412895 oc:cupcake44 oc:emerald71 oc:johnny appleseed12 oc:loki58 oc:party popper30 oc:sweet apple70 draconequus9530 dracony5898 earth pony211096 hybrid15831 pegasus252400 pony869948 unicorn279330 base used16521 daughter563 female1273711 gift art2384 interspecies offspring6325 male338808 next generation5771 offspring34709 parent:applejack3406 parent:big macintosh2724 parent:caramel723 parent:cheese sandwich1619 parent:discord2839 parent:fluttershy4213 parent:pinkie pie3648 parent:pokey pierce454 parent:rainbow dash5036 parent:rarity3662 parent:spike2011 parent:twilight sparkle7518 parents:carajack675 parents:cheesedash59 parents:discolight245 parents:fluttermac1163 parents:pokeypie414 parents:sparity1269 simple background354835 son299 walking in a line1 white background88788


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