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Vector of this drawing for Myoozik.
safe1640434 artist:lightningbolt871 artist:myoozik46 derpibooru exclusive26600 oc643735 oc only427169 oc:myoozik the dragon50 oc:sunray shadow17 dragon52238 earth pony224461 pony905963 2020 community collab1153 derpibooru community collaboration3753 .svg available8033 acoustic guitar183 bipedal32537 brown eyes455 cap4032 clothes436078 cutie mark44214 cutie mark on clothes1593 dragon oc784 duo54784 glasses58328 guitar4671 happy29513 hat81856 jewelry57275 looking at each other18358 male351457 musical instrument8864 necklace16939 photo77258 playing1409 playing instrument165 raised leg7272 shirt23019 simple background371195 singing6072 sketchbook271 smiling230512 socks62261 spread wings50841 stallion100775 standing11269 striped socks20567 strumming12 svg3499 t-shirt4104 top hat4002 transparent background192686 vector74194 wings93284


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