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Giant Twilight #36

Oh hey, a supermassive black hole. I wonder what she's going to do with that?

Talk about good timing for scientists to finally capture an image of a real life black hole, eh? Shieltar knocked it out of the park with this one!
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Background Pony #DCDE
Any update on the next page? Can we help pay for it if that's the issue?

It also makes it more realistic as going from city sized to planet sized is an increase of about 500,000 times whilst going from planet sized to universe sized is an increase of around 9x10^74 times the size.
Artist -

I love how slowly this comic is taking her growth, It helps us comprehend her immeasurable size instead of just jumping from city sized to planet sized to universe sized.
Background Pony #F9A7
All the other growth sequences have been uploaded in full on the same day, will the coming one be as well?

I hope so, Twilight Sparkle is growing bigger than black hole! So everything could eat by a black hole, don't grow bigger Twilight Sparkle, on GoAnimate, Kanr grows bigger than black hole like Twilight Sparkle!
Background Pony #7EC8
One month later the question remains, how exactly will she eat this? Spaghettification? Peeling the Black Hole? Piece by Piece? Going ahead and finding more Solar Systems and coming back? We will (hopefully) Soon Find Out
Background Pony #132F
Watch out, all that mass is gonna have one hell of an impact on your waistline
Background Pony #F9A7
In the story this is based on eating a black hole makes her grow to the point where she's Stranding aginst the edges of the universe, until she outgrows the universe and starts eating entire other universes whole.
Background Pony #F9A7
Kind of forgot she said she's aiming to be the size of a freaking GALAXY! One bite of that black hole could shoot her up to a nebula!