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Giant Twilight #35

Hmm, perhaps Twi's had an ulterior motive with all these grow-y shenanigans. Could it be possible she wanted to gain the power to spread the magic of friendship across the universe?

Sidenote: Yes, I realize there's also potential for xenophobia, alien invasion, interplanetary germs spreading, and whatever other unspeakable horror your mind automatically jumps to. Please, please, PLEASE don't make this about that. This is just meant to be a lighthearted story. Please.
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12 comments posted
Background Pony #D77A
Her eyelid, her EYELID is the size of a the SUN! And she still wants to be BIGGER!
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@Background Pony #B507
Nah. It's low tide and it will continue to be low tide forever since a certain purple pony ate the equestrian moon. She's just that large compared to regular ponies. Remember, last time we saw her she was quite a bit bigger than Celestia who already towers over her subjects.
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