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safe1635998 artist:angylopez8 edit125310 edited screencap60541 screencap213336 applejack164268 bulk biceps3351 derpy hooves48990 flash sentry12329 fluttershy205284 lyra heartstrings28679 pinkie pie209570 rainbow dash226221 rarity175638 sci-twi22907 snips4132 sunset shimmer59870 trixie64858 twilight sparkle291268 cheer you on270 equestria girls190559 equestria girls series30831 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)12979 black and white12312 clothes434140 discovery family990 discovery family logo11572 female1302107 flashlight2633 grayscale36627 headphones7256 humane five3079 humane seven2300 humane six2937 male350020 meme80142 microphone4729 monochrome145905 musical instrument8809 sciflash238 shipping191122 straight129686


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Background Pony #94B9
You can tell Sunset's gonna tease Sci-Twi back
for moments earlier ;)
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