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“Mommy! Daddy! Look! I got my cutie mark! And its for magic! Does this mean I get to go to Auntie Twilight’s school for gifted unicorns?”  
Its funny how many people missed the fact that Luster Dawn was supposed to be Starlight and Sunbursts daughter. I mean look at her. Her fur color is exactly what you’d get if you combined golden orange with light purple, Same with her mane which resembles her fathers hair color but has the signature off color stripes of Starlight. And of course her cutie mark looks EXACTLY like sunbursts.  
My thought of why she didn’t know that the mane six were still friends is that after getting her cutie mark she moved to Canterlot to attend Twilight’s school for gifted unicorns (Like what happened with Sunburst) and so she wouldn’t have really grown up around the mane six, other then Twilight, and let’s be honest Starlight was kinda Twilight’s friend. Not really a part of the mane group. Anyway thought I’d point out the obvious which no one other then myself noticed with a cool picture. Enjoy.  
Jade A Green.
safe1754694 artist:greenbrothersart155 luster dawn1662 starlight glimmer49881 sunburst7023 pony1014261 unicorn343936 blaze (coat marking)1673 clothes477217 coat markings5461 cute206170 cutie mark49902 cutiespark159 daaaaaaaaaaaw4700 facial markings2283 family4566 father and child1035 father and daughter2694 female1405329 filly69869 filly luster dawn44 glasses64939 headcanon2377 jumping3483 luster dawn is starlight's and sunburst's daughter96 lusterbetes142 male389201 mama starlight67 mare503888 mother and child2678 mother and daughter6106 offspring40996 papa sunburst45 parent:starlight glimmer1525 parent:sunburst1172 parents:starburst548 ponyville6092 robe3761 shipping206121 socks (coat markings)3229 stallion116243 starburst1280 straight140634 sunburst's cloak525 sunburst's glasses448


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Background Pony #5E8E
Luster: Hey mommy, do think I can become the student of Princess Twilight?  
Starlight: Of course, I use to be her student too, yes i be older but is thanks of her I be re-united and re-become friend with your father before become a couple and be married and later have you!  
Sunburst: True but if you want join the school of gifted Unicorn, You start magic lesson, we will help you for you pass your test!  
Luster: Of course, I think I will start with the book of magic Princess Twilight give me on birth day last month!(she start run back home to start her studying)  
Sunburst: I think she walk on your hoof step!  
Starlight: Yes but we will make sure she do not go on dark path but only the light path Princess Twilight show me the way!  
Sunburst: Yes and won’t her, we will never be together and be parents, I lose Starlight!  
Starlight: Me Sunburst!  
both kiss  
the end.