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some people might have remembered this on My Little Brony, i AM the original artist! :D loved making this, had fun, kinda wanna do more of this but we'll see :D
suggestive135305 artist:bluevon2 applejack164544 big macintosh27411 caramel2425 derpy hooves49070 pinkie pie209906 rainbow dash226551 earth pony224038 pegasus265993 pony904915 2011145 artifact1099 blush sticker2328 blushing186427 clopjob4 confused4482 dollar168 grin35572 implied appledash250 implied caradash1 implied derpydash5 implied lesbian3224 implied rainbowmac16 implied shipping4677 implied straight5226 male351084 missing the point50 mouth hold16338 nervous5390 nervous grin987 nervous sweat50 smiling230220 stallion100636 sweat24714 sweatdrop2972


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Plot twist: she's just reenacting scenes from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. ;)
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Seeing this again has me thinking, maybe Dash is tricking them, like they think it's something sexual but it's really just her painting there hoofs or something.