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I love winter!
Lately, I haven't been very social and my self-esteem has been declining which has stopped me from venturing out and snowboarding… (Wish I could make one best friend)

But, my other favorite part of winter is when I can watch the fluffy snowflakes fall and sparkle in the street light…
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safe1640233 artist:auroraswirls255 oc643611 oc only427118 oc:nebula nova31 unicorn295821 anthro245920 unguligrade anthro45433 book32028 clothes436004 eyelashes7278 eyeliner967 female1305908 horn55948 jewelry57262 lamppost337 lidded eyes28912 lipstick10383 makeup19787 necklace16936 shoes33635 sitting59103 snow13345 solo1020643 tree30398 unicorn oc6345


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