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Originally posted on: January 26, 2016
I'm F***ing BACK BABY!! Finally I have refound "The Zone" once again and I'm on a role with the 2D stuff! Long story short, "The Zone" is a little habit of mine that causes me to zone out and draw stuff fast, and I didn't want you all to worry so in any case I was a little lazy because…I absolutely have no idea why but I was slow and was basically in a stump. But fear no longer! for I am back and ready for action! gotta take up this opportunity to the best of my extent and DRAW!! Also I guess I was a little excited that I was finally drawing a background for one of my comics idk Anyway.~
Ps during the transfer of my stuff from the old laptop to the new one, some fonts weren't able to be found so some of my character's fonts might be noticed to be different such as Element's.

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