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Commission by mlp-trinary

My favorite members of the Mane Six and the Student Six are taking some time to bond and roughhouse in the air.
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safe (1520838) artist:dvixie (615) rainbow dash (213606) smolder (6017) dragon (44337) pegasus (220724) pony (795534) bond (7) claws (4305) cutie mark (37800) dragoness (6183) duo (45009) fangs (20210) female (845011) flying (32687) horns (4262) mare (386113) noogie (260) open mouth (115711) raised eyebrow (5835) smiling (201860) smirk (10227) spread wings (45292) teacher and student (230) toes (5163) underfoot (318) wings (65099)


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Resident snarky dragon
Their personalities are similar, Smolder and Rainbow Dash. I can definitely see these two becoming good friends (their teacher-student relationship notwithstanding…). S9E15 "2, 4, 6, Greaaat" was the most interaction between Smolder and Rainbow Dash that we got in the show, I think; in it, Smolder acts as an unlikely voice of reason for Rainbow Dash, and Rainbow Dash at the end describes Smolder as a "good friend" that set her straight when she was veering in the wrong direction.
Background Pony #BF11
if rainbow dash is the artist's favorite character of the mane six then how come she hardly ever draws her?