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"Sunlight softly illuminated your room. It didn't take much for you to wake up. A grunt filled the silence as you figured out yesterday's mistake. Out of tiredness the stores were left open. There was no escape from the sun now. The only thing left to do was drag yourself to the window and close the stores. Then proceed to jump into bed again.
Minutes were passing, but you still haven't moved. The room was too cold. You just couldn't bring yourself to leave the warmth of your comfy bed. The sunlight was getting more intense. Finally, with a roll you fell on the freezing wooden floor. Shivers ran across your entire body. How in Equestria was your room so cold? Was the heating system on?
With small steps you reached the window and opened it. You were welcomed by a beautiful winter land. Snow finally reached your village. Each year the first snowy day was extremely stunning. The sudden change of the landscape had always something magical to it. The pretty view grabbed all of your attention. Giggles underneathe your window made you turn your head. A smiling pink pony was enjoying the snow not far away from your home.
Her enthusiasm was so involving. Who needed sleep anymore. A day of fun was awaiting you.
You grabbed your favourite scarf from the closet and joined the earth pony to play with the snow."

Time to bring some smiles to these gloomy winter days with Pinkie Pie c:
I especially love the snow and skiing. Can't wait to have the opportunity to enjoy the snow again!
safe (1488860) artist:musicfirewind (88) pinkie pie (195046) earth pony (168020) pony (767060) clothes (377055) cute (160424) diapinkes (7717) eyes closed (72600) female (813326) mare (367851) mittens (378) on back (20970) open mouth (110956) scarf (19455) snow (11866) snow angel (57) solo (916091) winter (3765) winter outfit (1135)


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