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Inspired by a fanfiction of the same title, created by "Tima Scribbles"
You can the fanfiction here:

The more I look at Trixie the more I salivate because her hair looks like ice cream "Junga", back when I was in Lithuania, there was this ice cream on the stick, it had stripes of white and blue. The taste was a mix of sweet (the white stripe) and sour (the blue stripe), it was freaking amazing. I will draw it sometimes later.
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Sci-Twi Lover
It's a Big Hit Amazement of a Wonderful Surprise!
As the girls settle into a fun day at the beach, Sunset and Trixie get the opportunity to explore their newfound friendship. They soon discover a common thread that ties them together and, beneath the starry sky, they find the warmth and hope they had each been searching for.
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