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Inspired by a fanfiction of the same title, created by "Tima Scribbles"
You can the fanfiction here:

The more I look at Trixie the more I salivate because her hair looks like ice cream "Junga", back when I was in Lithuania, there was this ice cream on the stick, it had stripes of white and blue. The taste was a mix of sweet (the white stripe) and sour (the blue stripe), it was freaking amazing. I will draw it sometimes later.
safe1639166 artist:starwantrix133 applejack164545 fluttershy205639 pinkie pie209907 rainbow dash226553 rarity175918 sci-twi22980 sunset shimmer60061 trixie65023 twilight sparkle291713 fanfic:a beautiful shade of blue1 equestria girls191108 equestria girls series30965 forgotten friendship5099 armpits42117 beach14009 bikini17097 clothes435536 cute189636 diatrixes3005 female1304987 glasses58265 hat81767 humanized97371 lesbian93050 open mouth133418 shipping191537 sky12913 sleeping22543 stars14628 sunglasses13710 suntrix574 swimsuit26742


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Sci-Twi Lover
It's a Big Hit Amazement of a Wonderful Surprise!
As the girls settle into a fun day at the beach, Sunset and Trixie get the opportunity to explore their newfound friendship. They soon discover a common thread that ties them together and, beneath the starry sky, they find the warmth and hope they had each been searching for.
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