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I watched Sakurai's Presentation Video of Terry Bogard and somehow, I wanna give it a try playing as Terry. So I made a small cosplay of Aria Blaze as Terry Bogard. After all, Aria is the vigorous siren of the Dazzlings and she can take anybody in combat. There is another character who is also gonna cosplay as Terry too. I'll give you this hint, she's from Nickelodeon.

Aria Blaze: Hasbro
Fatal Fury: SNK
safe1638762 artist:vg805smashbros51 aria blaze9427 human148616 equestria girls191061 belt5047 clothes435380 converse5374 crossover60022 fatal fury41 female1304589 fingerless gloves4287 gloves18736 hat81721 jewelry57124 king of fighters218 necklace16891 pendant1713 shoes33534 sketch60012 sneakers4799 snk94 solo1019609 terry bogard18 traditional art113515


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