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Translation: The Meet
safe1615102 artist:forgalorga328 edit123021 edited screencap59210 editor:tankony2 screencap210715 applejack162539 starlight glimmer45598 alicorn205951 pony882802 alicornified5004 apple15272 apple tree2907 applecorn257 barrel1508 burying16 comic103318 cyrillic1924 female1285712 glowing horn17699 hooves16877 horn51970 levitation11141 magic68412 mare439250 portal1781 race swap13407 radioactive178 radioactive waste35 russian3969 screencap comic4333 she knows117 shovel906 spread wings49636 starlicorn376 sugarcube corner2109 telekinesis25624 this will end in communism268 translated in the description899 tree29169 wings87610 xk-class end-of-the-world scenario2289


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