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Artist's description from DA:
Slight redesign of Celestia for my AU, I've edited her headshot in the family tree. I had this idea that since Celestia is a lot more fire-like in my AU, she has a permanent flame at the tip of her horn like a candle, signifying her own fiery spirit and eternal flame. That flame always stays there, but changes size and intensity depending on her mood, much like her mane. If she's ill, feeling sad or melancholy, then the flame decreases in size and barely moves like the flame on a candle. If she's angry, agitated or very fired up (pun intended), then the flame grows and lashes out more with a lot more sparks and intense light. Etc etc…

It's a small detail, but it's still pretty cute. And as some additional detailing I added some more feathers on her (plus a lil feather goatee lol) plus some purple accents to match her eye and give some contrast to her overly orange color palette.
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