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safe1635786 artist:pia-sama1571 rainbow dash226201 spike76525 dragon51921 pegasus264454 anthro244788 plantigrade anthro29788 comic:rogue diamond486 adult2362 adult spike936 breasts259807 busty rainbow dash7709 cargo14 clothes434061 comic104488 dialogue61813 digital art15720 duo54395 female1301934 fingerless gloves4275 gigachad spike717 gloves18659 looking at you156210 looking down7824 looking down at you449 looking up15246 male349943 mare448054 monochrome145901 older24829 older spike4873 pants13324 patreon12114 patreon logo8428 rainbutt dash3277 revy dash51 shirt22918 shorts13068 yawn1336


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Background Pony #CD15
Oh I see, I wondered why this looked like a double post. Rainbow has guns on her now plus some wing extensions on her second panel, Spike has a bit more detail on his back on the last panel and the box has gone from cardboard to wooden
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Background Pony #BD50
Or he had the Superman/Clark effect, hidden muscles underneath his business suit but fully exposes them when he’s not in suit
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Background Pony #E0A0
You know, I may be behind the ball on this one, but looking back to the earlier chapters, is it just me, or did Spike's default buffness increase after the rage episode back on the boat?

Like, before he raged out, he looked fairly fit, but after it wore off, he had substantially more muscle than before?
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OK, mentally, all I can say right now about Rainbow is "Kiss my ass". XD I get she's trying to be sassy and tough, but she also comes off as a pain in the ass. Looking forward to learning more of her backstory in the RD universe. Also, that comeback by Spike to Rainbow is pretty good.
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